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January 18, 2008

Crowns won’t stay on.

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My husband’s dental crowns keep coming off usually within a week or two of getting them recemented. His dentist is saying there is nothing more they can do. We are thinking about implants but it doesn’t look like they stick up much…will he have the same problem with the implant crown coming off? Are there different types of glues for crowns that could be causing this problem?
– Pat in Arizona

Dear Pat,
It isn’t that hard to get crowns to stay on. I’d get a second opinion. In twenty-some years of practice, I never had a crown that I put on come uncemented and have to be recemented, once I permanently cemented them. If they are done right, they stay on.

How well crowns stay on depends on the shape of the tooth preparation. When the preparation is too tapered, it’s hard to keep the crown on. So that’s probably the problem. You may need new crowns, or a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist may be able to bond these crowns on. There are bonding agents now that bond metal, porcelain, teeth, and everything imaginable. Expert cosmetic dentists are trained in all these high-tech bonding techniques. I can’t tell you without seeing them, but this is ridiculous to put up with crowns that won’t stay on.
– Dr. Hall

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