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July 14, 2008

Front teeth too big. What can I do?

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Dr. Hall,
I have a problem with my two front teeth. They are big. They are long. And they are set a bit more forward than the rest of my front teeth.

But, I don’t know what to do with them! I’ve done a bit of researching about different cosmetic dentistry options but nothing seems right. I don’t need anything added to them to make them bigger than they already are.

So, what is it that I need to do? Have them taken out and get dental implants? Is there a procedure for this? And do you have a referral for a dentist in NYC?

Thanks so much. I’ve been cringing at pictures for too long now.
– Claire in Brooklyn

Don’t have your front teeth taken out! You don’t need to be that drastic.

I would recommend going to a really good cosmetic dentist and then trusting them to find the solution. I have looked for good cosmetic dentists in Brooklyn and can’t find one, but Dr. Robert Schwartz in Manhattan is excellent and he could fix this for you. You don’t have to figure it out for yourself.

I will tell you my impressions, from how you’re describing your problem. But my disclaimer is that I haven’t seen your teeth, so don’t take this as gospel. Depending on the results of your examination, an entirely different course could be advisable.

It is possible to make teeth smaller by carefully trimming them down with diamond burs and diamond strips. From the way you’re describing your teeth, I’m guessing they could be filed down on the sides, making them narrower, and then trimmed on the biting edges to make them shorter. Then a simple spring retainer could be used to push them back in alignment with your other upper front teeth.

Or, after they are trimmed, Invisalign invisible braces could be used to position them.

If they are really huge and require a lot of trimming, porcelain veneers could be needed to cover over the exposed dentin.

Anyway, several options. But all of these would be beyond the ability and training of the family dentist on the corner. You need an expert cosmetic dentist, or you could get yourself into a big mess that becomes very expensive to fix later.

Good luck,
Dr. Hall

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