My dentist prescribed Peridex mouth rinse for my gum disease, but it has turned my teeth brown. Is there any treatment for this?


You're right–Peridex mouth rinse, while it is excellent for use with various gum diseases, is notorious for causing an awful brown tooth stain. There is only one toothpaste I know of that will prevent and remove Peridex stains, and that is Supersmile toothpaste. An excellent study by renowned cosmetic dentist George Freedman of Toronto showed that Supersmile, if used regularly while under Peridex therapy, will eliminate these brown stains, where nothing else that he tried would do that. Supersmile gently dissolves the protein pellicle, which prevents these stains from attaching to your tooth and eliminates those that are already there, and is so gentle that it is one of only two toothpastes I am aware of that is proven gentle enough not to scratch cosmetic bonding work. Whenever I prescribed Peridex in my practice, I insisted that my patients use Supersmile toothpaste at the same time.

Certain food substances can cause discolored teeth, but their effect is much more gradual. Again, tooth whitening or Supersmile Toothpaste while help them stay their whitest.

Unfortunately, Supersmile whitening toothpaste isn't sold in stores, but it is available directly from the Supersmile company (see or from many cosmetic dentists. We also make it available to our web site visitors for a discount with free shipping - click here for more information about that.



— Dr. Hall

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By Dr. David Hall

Written by a cosmetic dentist!

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