Tooth Whitening and Fillings


I am a 54-year young female and would like to whiten my teeth. I have a filling in between my two front teeth. It, of course, is not the exact same white as my teeth. Will whitening gel whiten the filling? If not, what are my options? Thank you in advance.

—Cindy from Massachusetts

What you do if you whiten is to first do the tooth whitening, then wait about two weeks and have the filling re-surfaced or re-done to match your new whiter color. The filling won’t whiten. And you need to wait a couple of weeks after finishing the bleaching before doing the fillings, because it takes a little while for the color to stabilize after bleaching.

If there is tooth decay present, this has to be filled before it is safe to bleach. Then later, the fillings need to be re-surfaced, or the color won’t match. If there is no decay, then just wait and do the fillings later.

—Dr. Hall

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