Tooth whitening when you have a crown or other dental work on front teeth

Question: I have a crown on a front tooth? Will teeth whitening work for me?

Answer: You can whiten your teeth, and your teeth will get whiter, but your crown will stay the same color. Bleaching does not affect any dental work. So if you have fillings in front teeth or any bonding work, and you want whiter teeth, you will need to plan to replace all this dental work after completing the whitening treatments. This is one reason it’s important to have your mouth evaluated by an expert cosmetic dentist before bleaching your teeth, to spot any potential problems like these.

The procedure is generally to whiten the teeth to your desired degree of whiteness, then wait a couple of weeks for the tooth color to stabilize. Then the crown and other dental work can be replaced and matched to your new whiter color.

There is no concern in this area if you are merely using a whitening toothpaste. This toothpaste only affects the surface stain on your teeth and your crown and thus will not adversely affect the color match.

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