Root Canal Cost

Root canal cost varies widely depending on which tooth needs to be treated and which part of the country. The root canal cost for a front tooth with one canal will be around $300 to $600. For a molar, it will be $700 to $1200 or more. Low fee states like Iowa and Mississippi will have lower costs. Fees will be higher in California and New York. In larger cities, fees will be considerably higher than in rural areas.

The fee is traditionally computed based on the type of tooth, and the teeth are classified as either anterior, premolars, or molars. A dentist or root canal specialist will ordinarily have a set fee for each classification. Anterior teeth are the front six, premolars are the next back and usually have two cusps, and the molars are further back.

Anterior teeth are the simplest to treat. A root canal on a front tooth is simpler for many reasons. There is usually only one canal, which is wide and straight, and access to the tooth is easy. Molars are much more difficult to reach with the long instruments required for root canal treatment. In addition, they will have three or four canals, which will be narrower and more curved than those on front teeth. Premolars are between these extremes as far as difficulty and time required for the root canal procedure.

The fee will also vary depending on whether the procedure is done by a general dentist or an endodontist. An endodontist will charge more. With molars, many general dentists do not want to treat them and will refer you to a specialist. For front teeth, since they are so straightforward, most general dentists feel comfortable treating them.

The fee also does not include placing a dental crown on the tooth afterward, or filling the hole, if the tooth already has a crown. An additional item could be a dental post inside the root to help strengthen the tooth and help retain the crown.

These are your guidelines for root canal cost.

This content was written by Dr. David Hall.
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