Dr David Hall, formerly a practicing accredited cosmetic dentist who now runs this cosmetic dentistry information website, is soliciting comments from patients who have been to Clear Choice Dental Implants Centers.


We have heard reports of attorneys representing Clear Choice trying to silence complaints on the web, and this makes me suspicious. So I want to hear about any complaints that people may have. Read my blog entry about their seeming to try to silence Clear Choice complaints.


If you have been to one of these centers, please let us hear from you. We may be interested in letting other visitors to our website know what happened to you. And, when you went, if you were told any things that you didn't understand, feel free to ask us. We may be able to get you answers.


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Thank you. If you do have a question, Dr. Hall will try to respond, though we can't guarantee that. Please set your e-mail account to be able to receive mail from mynewsmile.com so that our answer isn't blocked by your spam filter.


By Dr. David Hall

Written by a cosmetic dentist!

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