Clear Choice Dental Implants Cost

We have received some questions and comments from patients of Clear Choice Dental Implants Centers relating to cost.

One patient who wrote to us felt that they were too expensive and asked for other options.

I don’t have specific information about their fee schedules, so I can’t quote you any numbers or tell you how their fee levels compare with others in the community.

However, I do feel I should pass on some other information that could impact dental implants cost. I have received a couple of comments from Clear Choice patients where they have also received opinions about their treatment from another dentist. In both cases, the treatment plan they received from Clear Choice was more aggressive than the treatment plan from the other dentist.

One patient named Richard who had consulted with Clear Choice Washington, DC, was advised that he needed all his teeth extracted and dental implants placed. His suspicions were aroused when they seemed in a rush to begin treatment, tried to warn him that delays could threaten his life because of the infection, and told him he could have a discount only if he made an appointment right away. He left and got a second opinion from a dentist who felt that he was being rushed unnecessarily and that there were teeth that could be saved rather than extracted and replaced with implants.

Another patient named Gordon who had been to Clear Choice Phoenix reported a similar disagreement between their treatment plan and the plan of his regular dentist. Clear Choice advised him that all his teeth needed to be extracted, but his dentist disagreed.

Now I don’t know if these types of things are local aberrations or if they are characteristic of the organization as a whole. I will await further comments before making any generalizations. But it is worth pointing out that dental implants costs are not just a matter of fee levels. If the cost per dental implant is less but the treatment plan is too aggressive, the cost of the entire treatment may be much more than is necessary. The bottom line—you are always better off with ethical dentists who try to be conservative in their treatment recommendations. When you feel pressure to pursue treatment or are offered discounts to make a hasty decision, beware.

A patient named George had all-on-four dental implants done at their St. Louis Center. He was pleased with their service, but admitted that the cost of Clear Choice implants was pretty high.