Reviews of Clear Choice Dental Implants Centers

Clear Choice Dental Implants Centers are present in many cities in the United States. These centers provide dental implant surgery as well as the restorative dentistry in one location.

They are aggressive marketers, using television and print advertising to bring in patients.

When I first heard of them, my opinion was that they were probably a good place for patients to get dental implants. But I have been hearing some complaints that make me wonder.

I posted one of these complaints on the website of one of my clients that had received the complaint. Subsequently, this client received a threatening letter from attorneys representing Clear Choice, demanding that any reference to their client be removed from the website. This has made me suspicious. It seemed to me that this is an organization that doesn’t feel that it can stand up under honest scrutiny. In making their demand, they alleged trademark violation. I believe they know full well that trademark law specifically allows for competitors to use the trademark in comparative advertising and commentary. It seems to me that they are just trying to squelch criticism. The client was intimidated, not wanting to get into a legal battle even if they were in the right. Unfortunately, many people will back off from threats by lawyers, even when the threats have no foundation in the law.

They have since threatened this website with legal action because of our soliciting of comments from people who have been to their centers, but we will continue to solicit those, because we are within our rights to do so. The link below to our blog postings will lead you to the full story about what their lawyers said and how I responded.

I am asking visitors to this website for their comments. I will post comments that seem relevant and useful to our visitors. Click here for the form where you can send me your Clear Choice comments.

Comments about the cost at Clear Choice Dental Implants Centers. It seems to me to be on the high end.

Click here to read my blog postings about Clear Choice Dental Implants. I have received a number of e-mails from patients. Yes, some of the stories they tell are troubling, but they do have a number of positive comments. I have also toured our local Clear Choice Dental Implants Center in Phoenix, and I believe they do good work there.

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This content was written by Dr. David Hall.