Periodontal Disease and Dental Implants

Dr. Hall,

My teeth are badly stained, and crooked. I have periodontal disease. I do not take good care of my teeth, I’m sorry to admit.

I have had extensive work on my teeth and gums, still I find it hard to take good care of my teeth and gums. Would it ever be a good idea to have all my teeth pulled, and to perhaps have some of those dentures that are held in place by implants?

—Jeffrey in Texas


The problem with going to dental implants is that you can still get periodontal disease with implants. You will still have to take care of them. So that isn’t a magic cure.

I found in my many years of practicing cosmetic dentistry, that when people had ugly teeth and I made a new smile for them, their motivation to take care of their teeth shot up, and they would brush and floss faithfully and come in for their regular checkups. I would suggest that you find an expert cosmetic dentist by clicking the referral link just below. Look into it and think about it. I think that just might work for you.

If you do go to dental implants, it would be important that you understand that you need to change your ways and take care of them now, or they could fail just like your natural teeth did.

—Dr. Hall

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