Extreme Dental Makeover

See photos that display the talent of expert cosmetic dentists. Several of our mynewsmile.com network dentists have been chosen to participate in ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover” series. Often a new smile is the foundation for an entire new look for the participants. Here’s an example of one extreme dental makeover where Cincinnati cosmetic dentist Dr. Thomas Hedge did the smile makeover:


Extreme Dental Makeover—before

Extreme Dental Makeover-after

Extreme Dental Makeover-after

Lisa’s teeth (below) were worn, unattractive, and she had what we call a “gummy” smile—a lot of her gums showed when she smiled. In an extreme dental makeover−type case, cosmetic dentist Dr. James Klim, from Santa Rosa, California, did cosmetic gum contouring and porcelain veneers to truly transform her entire appearance.


Janet had receding gums and discolored teeth and came to Dr. Craig Carlson of San Antonio, Texas, wanting to upgrade her smile. You can see his beautiful results with the porcelain veneers he gave her, and the happy, confident smile she has now.

Extreme Makeover—before

Extreme Makeover—before

Dr. Stephen Thordarson, our recommended cosmetic dentist for Toronto, Ontario, participated in a Canadian version of an extreme smile makeover program. You can view the photo album and narrative of the entire experience at www.fiojoy.com. Susan, the extreme dental makeover candidate, is pictured at the right. For more information about Dr. Thordarson, click here.

In the Fio Joy Extreme Makeover, Susan underwent 4 months of weight training, lost over 30 pounds, had a hair, makeup and wardrobe makeover, and had a complete smile makeover. Susan was missing 15 teeth from birth. As a journalism student, Susan wanted to make a better impression by improving her smile. Over a three month time span she started with braces to properly align the remaining teeth, followed by Lava crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers. Lava crowns are an all-ceramic crown that is extremely durable. Follow Susan’s extreme makeover journey at www.fiojoy.com.

Click here to see a close-up of Susan’s smile before the extreme makeover.)
Click here to see a close-up of Susan’s smile after the extreme makeover.)
Click here to see Dr. Thordarson’s bridgework.
Click here to see his bonding work.

ABC’s Extreme Makeover often mentions DaVinci veneers. Should you look for a dentist that does DaVinci veneers?
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