Is Your Tooth Sensitive To Air?

If air makes your tooth hurt, three possible explanations would be the following:

  • A sensitive root. As we get older, more of the root of a tooth can become exposed, and this exposed root can be susceptible to dehydration or touch. This tooth may need either a filling or a protective coating to prevent undue irritation of the tooth.
  • Sensitivity to air can also be aggravated by any other irritation to the tooth-a deep filling, tooth decay, an acid reflux problem, or recent dental treatment.
  • If part of a tooth has broken off, or part of a filling is missing, the tooth can also be sensitive to air.

The most common cause of pain in your tooth from air is an exposed root, as mentioned above. If this is the case and the pain is very annoying, we would recommend trying a toothpaste for sensitive teeth, such as Sensodyne® Toothpaste. If that doesn’t work, we’d recommend having your dentist or hygienist place a coating, a filling, or otherwise treating the tooth. Untreated sensitivity can irritate the tooth so severely that the pulp is permanently damaged.

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