Coffee Tooth Stains

Dear Dr. Hall:

What’s the best way to get rid of coffee stains on my teeth?

—Vicky in Iowa

Dear Vicky:

It’s important to know that coffee stains on teeth are under the surface. They soak into the tooth. So nothing superficial will remove them. No toothpaste or professional cleaning gets rid of them.

You need a professional tooth whitening treatment. The dental office will make you a clear tray that fits over your teeth, and you put a peroxide gel in that tray and wear it for a period of time each day. The gel soaks into your teeth and releases oxygen there, which chemically eliminates the stain.

A toothpaste such as Supersmile® whitening toothpaste can help minimize coffee stains while they are accumulating. By removing the surface stains daily, it can keep them from soaking into the tooth. But once the whole tooth is brown or yellow, you need something that penetrates to get them completely white again.

Dr. Hall

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