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Why is Supersmile toothpaste the number one brand recommended by cosmetic dentists? Because, while ordinary toothpastes can scratch and dull beautiful cosmetic dental work, Supersmile won’t. But, in spite of being so gentle, it is extremely effective at removing stains and protecting bleached teeth. In fact, there are some tooth stains that only Supersmile will remove. How does it do that?

Here’s how it works: In your mouth, on the surface of your teeth, your body forms a protein layer over the enamel called the “pellicle.” When plaque and stains attack your teeth, they don’t attach to the enamel. Instead, they attach to this protein pellicle layer.

When you go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned, first, the hygienist removes the calculus (tartar) with metal instruments. After that, the protein pellicle is removed with polishing pumice. The pumice removes the pellicle with abrasive action, leaving your mouth looking clean and having a refreshing, clean feeling.

Supersmile allows you to remove the pellicle yourself on a daily basis. It does this by gently dissolving the pellicle. You might think that a toothpaste that cleans as thoroughly as that would be harsh. Not so—it is much more gentle than ordinary toothpastes. In fact, it is one of only two brands that we consider gentle enough to use on teeth with cosmetic tooth bonding. By removing the pellicle, you not only remove stains and plaque, you remove the attachment site for new plaque and stains. It takes the mouth several hours to re-form this pellicle layer. Meanwhile, your mouth has a refreshing, clean feeling.

Additionally, Supersmile has a mild whitening agent that helps maintain bleached teeth. I prescribed Supersmile to all my bleaching patients, both during and after treatments, to make sure that they achieved maximum whitening.

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Supersmile®, when you order it from the manufacturer, costs $27.85, including shipping and handling. Through Amazon, it can cost you much less. Click the link above if you’d like to buy it at that discounted price.

Supersmile® also has baking soda to promote healthy gums, and fluoride to help fight cavities.

supersmile user

Dr. Hall’s patient and Supersmile user, J.C. Penney cover girl Tina Reilly

While I was in practice, I always recommended Supersmile® for our patients with bleached, bonded, or veneered teeth, because of its gentleness, thorough cleaning, and whitening action. We also recommended it for patients taking prescription antibacterial mouthrinses such as Peridex®, as it is the only toothpaste we know that prevents the staining that is otherwise an annoying side effect of those rinses. It is available from the manufacturer for $27.85, including shipping and handling, or from Amazon for a considerable savings. Or, it is available for purchase in the offices of many cosmetic dental practices.

Supersmile also has a complete whitening system, which includes the toothpaste and a whitening accelerator. Click here for more information about the complete Supersmile whitening system.

You may also be interested in the Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse toothbrush. While any soft toothbrush will do just fine with Supersmile toothpaste for maintaining cosmetic dental work, this is a particularly nice toothbrush. Click the link at the right to purchase the Supersmile Advanced Sonic Pulse toothbrush from Amazon for about half of what it would cost buying it direct from the Supersmile website.

Testimonials from leading cosmetic dentists:

“I use Supersmile as a maintenance program for all my bleaching patients. Nothing works better to keep teeth their whitest.”
—Dr. Ronald Feinman<
Atlanta, Georgia
(author of the book Bleaching Teeth)

“I prescribe Supersmile to all my patients. Their bondings and laminates stay whiter and last longer!”
—Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans
New York City
(cosmetic dentist for many New York models and other celebrities,
and former President, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)

“Supersmile is the most effective whitening toothpaste that we have in dentistry today.”
—Dr. George Freedman
Toronto, Canada
(prominent lecturer on bleaching and cosmetic dentistry
and former President, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)

“I prescribed Supersmile for all my bonding, veneer, and bleaching patients. There’s nothing better for keeping their dental work looking beautiful for years.”
—Dr. David Hall
Phoenix, Arizona
(bleaching pioneer and researcher and author of

(Dr. Hall and these other leading cosmetic dentists are quoted on the Supersmile website. Click here to read these testimonials.)


Click here for information on the Supersmile complete whitening system.

Clinical Research:

Laboratory tests have shown gentle Supersmile to be the most effective at removing the protein pellicle layer from teeth. This is the secret of its stain-removing ability.

Test product
Crest Tartar®

Protein Pellicle Removed

Independent laboratory tests also found Supersmile nearly twice as effective at removing stains than the leading smokers’ toothpaste. Naturally stained teeth were brushed with the test product and a cleaning index was assigned to both toothpastes:
Cleaning Index
Supersmile® is ten times more effective at inhibiting plaque than the #1 plaque fighting toothpaste:
Average plaque inhibition index