When a tooth is missing, especially if it's in the front of the mouth, a relatively inexpensive way to replace it is with a Maryland bridge which we show in pictures below. This bridge gets its name from the University of Maryland, where this technique was first developed.


While the Maryland bridge is inexpensive, it has some esthetic problems. One problem that is nearly impossible to overcome is that, because it has a metal framework, it tends to lend a slight gray cast to the teeth it attaches to. While this gray cast isn't as noticeable in flash photographs where the light tends to be reflected more, it is more noticeable in real life, where the color is more influenced by light transmitted through the tooth. Even so, you can see some of the gray in the "before" pictures below, especially in the close-up.


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This beautiful work was done by Louisiana cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike Malone of Lafayette, Louisiana. Click on the link for more information about Dr. Malone.

Picture with Maryland bridge

Picture with Maryland bridge replaced

Picture with Maryland bridge
This woman has two Maryland bridges, one replacing each lateral incisor. (The very front two teeth are called the central incisors, and the teeth next to the centrals are the lateral incisors.) When you look at the close-up view, you will see the gray tinge to the two front teeth. Also notice, in the close-up view, how inflamed the gum tissue is. This inflammation is caused by plaque that is trapped because of poor contours of the bridge.

Click on the picture to see a close-up view.

Picture with Maryland bridge replaced
Both bridges were re-done by Dr. Mike Malone. It is now difficult to tell that she has two false teeth. Notice how much more relaxed and natural her smile is. When you click on the picture to see the close-up of this case, you can also notice how much healthier her gums are.

Click on the picture to see a close-up view.

Dr. Malone did what could be called a "porcelain veneer bridge" for this patient. You can see how beautifully it turned out.

You may be interested in also reading about the ovate pontic technique for making it appear that the false tooth is growing out of the gum.

By Dr. David Hall

Written by a cosmetic dentist!

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Pictures of a Maryland Bridge Replacement

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