The dental bonding photographs below are of work performed by dentists in our referral network. We take care in finding the best cosmetic dentists in various parts of the country, and are proud to display their work.
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We also have a photograph of a severely broken front tooth and how this was repaired with this technique.

This first dental bonding case comes from Dr. Paul Koch, our member dentist from Birmingham, Alabama. This teenager had gaps between several teeth, and Dr. Koch, in one appointment, filled them in with dental bonding material, carefully and artistically sculpting the material so that it looks beautiful and natural. For more information about Dr. Koch, see our Alabama page.

dental bonding case by Dr. Koch - before photo
(click on the photo to see an enlarged view)

dental bonding case by Dr. Koch -after photo
(click on the photo to see an enlarged view)

This next illustration shows how dental bonding can be used to enhance a smile. The smile below is an exquisite example of direct bonding work on a very difficult tooth gap case from Dr. Gary Radz, a referral network dentist in Denver, Colorado. For contact information, see our Colorado page.

A very large tooth gap
(click on the photo to see an enlarged view)

Tooth gap repaired with dental bonding by Dr. Gary Radz
(click on the photo to see an enlarged view)

This dental bonding case was done by Dr. Stephen Thordarson, a recommended dentist from near Toronto, Ontario. For more information about Dr. Thordarson, see our Ontario page. The male patient presented with old, stained fillings, and crooked teeth, and left with a beautiful, straight smile.

This bonding relies on the artistic skills of the dentist working chairside.

(click on the photo for a larger view)

(click on the photo for a larger view)

Click the link to see a case done by our Monmouth County, New Jersey recommended cosmetic dentist, Dr. Peter Ciampi. Direct dental bonding is an excellent technique for wedding cosmetic dentistry, if time is a big issue, because it can be done in one sitting.

In this set of photographs, Dr. David Hall, the author of this site, added dental bonding material to parts of several of the front teeth to make them look straight. Here is the "before" photograph.

Teeth out of alignment, before dental bonding



See how the result blends in naturally so that it's hard to tell where the bonding was done. There was actually quite a bit of bonding material used here, though it's hard to tell where it is


Few cosmetic dentists do composite veneers anymore. Read about them on the linked page.

Beautiful repair of teeth out of alignment - done with dental bonding by Dr. David Hall

The pictures below, of a patient treated by Dr. Hall, the author of this site, show a patient with a tooth gap in the front. Bonding material (composite), which is manufactured to simulate tooth enamel as perfectly as possible, was applied to the gap. With the proper artistic shading, shaping, and polishing, the final result looks so natural that it is very difficult to tell that anything artificial has been added to the teeth.

Tooth gap - before. Patient of Dr. David Hall

Tooth gap - after. Patient of Dr. David Hall. Dental bonding case.
after (this procedure was accomplished in one hour)
(Note: this patient had also bleached her teeth in separate appointments, which is why they look whiter than at the left.)

This is a sample of the type of work performed by accredited and trained cosmetic dentists all across the country. Please visit our referral page to locate an expert cosmetic dentist near you.

By Dr. David Hall

Written by a cosmetic dentist!

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There is a great difference between a good, reputable general dentist who thinks he or she can do cosmetic dentistry, and an artistically inclined cosmetic dentist. If the appearance of your smile is important to you, you need to understand this difference.

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