A beautiful porcelain crown on a front tooth will generally cost much more than a basic crown on a back tooth. Besides the functional requirements, the porcelain crown on a front tooth will have to look perfect in order to blend in with the other teeth. Especially in the case of a single front tooth, not only does it require an exceptional amount of skill by the cosmetic dentist and the laboratory technician, but it requires a great deal of time to get a perfect match with an adjacent front tooth. It may require special photographic work and several trips back and forth to the lab to get a perfect match.

The cost for a porcelain crown on a front tooth will generally be from $950 to over $2000, depending on the part of the country.

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By Dr. David Hall

Written by a cosmetic dentist!

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Good cosmetic dentistry requires special skills and extensive training beyond dental school.

There is a great difference between a good, reputable general dentist who thinks he or she can do cosmetic dentistry, and an artistically inclined cosmetic dentist. If the appearance of your smile is important to you, you need to understand this difference.

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The costs of porcelain crowns

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