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February 28, 2011

Can I use a flipper to make my teeth look straight?

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i have teeth that are not strait.i was wondering if i could get a flipper that could go over all my teeth and make my smile look strait. i dont want to go and pay alot to go and get braces when it takes a long time…and is more painful. thanks
– Taylor from New York

A dental flipper is used to replace one or more missing teeth, and it snaps onto your existing teeth with a small wire clasp.

What could work for you is a Snap-On Smile. This snaps over your teeth, and could work if you have crooked teeth – it will make them look straight.

But especially if you have teeth that stick out a little, the Snap-On Smile would have to be made even a little extra bulky. It might not look great for you. I’d recommend going to an excellent cosmetic dentist so you get an honest opinion about how this would look.

If it’s the pain of braces and the long time it would take, the best thing may be Invisalign invisible braces. It takes about half the time of conventional braces – most cases can be done within 9 months to a year. And there are no painful brackets or wires. I’d check that out.
– Dr. Hall

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