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October 22, 2007

Teeth next to my new crown are hurting

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Dr. Hall,
A molar was hurting. My dentist said it could be a fractured, so we put a crown on it. Now that tooth is fine, but the two teeth in front of the crown started hurting really bad when biting down on even cooked rice. I asked the dentist to adjust the temporary crown because I thought it maybe was too tight and crowding the other teeth. He did but hours later the two teeth are still sore. If I push down on the sore teeth for a while the pain goes away, but then comes back later. My dentist said he never has seen anything like that in 20 years. I have had lots of crowns and I haven’t had this experience either. I still think the bite is messed up, but he says maybe the other tooth is going bad. What do you think? Please help. I really hate teeth pain.
– Donna in Texas

I think it’s your bite that’s off. If there were decay or infection in the teeth, pushing down on them wouldn’t make them feel better. They could have very easily been pushed out of alignment with the crown. Your dentist should be able to adjust your bite so that you can clench your teeth with no discomfort. It may require adjusting the other teeth.

Maybe he’s reluctant to do that because he didn’t treat those other teeth. But that could be the problem. The way your teeth come together in all your chewing motions is very complicated, and little shifts or a change in one tooth can affect the others.

When you push and a tooth feels better, that’s usually either a problem with the bite or with the gums.
– Dr. Hall

Donna’s reply three days later:

Dr. Hall,

Thank you so much. You were right. My tooth is fine now.
Once again thank you so much.
– Donna

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