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January 3, 2008

Can I get my braces off when I have new teeth coming in?

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Hopefully you can answer this question. I’m supposed to be getting my braces off in 6 days and I’m really excited. Then today I noticed that my adult back teeth are coming in. Will they still take my braces off or are they going to wait? Thanks!
– Amber in New York

Dear Amber,
Whether or not you can get your braces off when your new adult back teeth are coming in depends on several things, and I couldn’t really say. But I’m guessing that your dentist or orthodontist took x-rays when your treatment started and is aware that those teeth would be coming in right about now and therefore, you’ll be fine.

Before you can get your braces off, your teeth need to be straight and stable. If all your other adult teeth are fully erupted, and they are straight, and your bite is right, and the new molars are coming in straight, then that shouldn’t be a problem. But your orthodontist or dentist will probably have you wear a retainer, which is a wire that is either cemented to your teeth or attached to a plastic base that you snap in and out. The retainer will keep your teeth from being moved by the new teeth coming in.
– Dr. Hall

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