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January 10, 2011

Disappointed with the Snap-On Smile

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I just purchased a snap-on smile and I’m very disappointed! I have a gap where my canine tooth should be and it REALLY bothers me so my hometown dentist recommended the snap smile but I think it’s awful. It looks so fake to me. It seems so big and bulky. everything I’ve looked up says no cash refund but that’s too much money for me not to ever wear it but it just looks fake. Should I see if my dentist can make a new mold and ask for it to be slimmer? I hate my smile I have a 2yr old son and hate taking pictures because of my gap but I don’t want our pictures to look like I’m a crazy person either. Any advice will be great, thank you.
– Heather from Missouri

I don’t know what to tell you to make this better. Most dentists aren’t very artistic, and I’m wondering if your hometown dentist is one of those. You can try to work with your dentist and see if he or she can make this better for you. That’s the best you’re going to be able to do. Don’t expect a refund.

Dentists vary greatly in their artistic sensitivity and ability to create beautiful smiles. Dentists, as a rule, go into the profession because they like to fix things. They have an engineering mentality, and they simply aren’t artistic. An excellent cosmetic dentist, such as we recommend on this website, will give you realistic expectations about the results you’ll get from a Snap-On Smile. Yes, your teeth will look larger and bulkier. That can’t be avoided because the appliance has to snap over your teeth, and in order to do that, the end result is going to be bigger teeth.

Generally, if someone is missing one or two front teeth and that is all that is wrong, my recommendation would be to get a flipper partial. This is an appliance that also just snaps into your mouth, but all it does is replace those teeth with plastic teeth – it doesn’t add anything to the other teeth. You might try asking your dentist to replace this with a flipper for no charge. If you were his first Snap-On Smile patient, which made you a guinea pig, I think that’s a reasonable request. Your dentist may have been expecting something nicer-looking, too, which made this a good learning experience for him or her.

– Dr. Hall

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  1. Dear Dr. Hall,

    I’m thinking about purchasing a Snap-on Smile for esthetic reasons and to prevent, as much as possible, the loss of tooth tissue. But I had my doubts about it looking natural. So I googled “snap on smile looks fake” in order to find possible comments about this on the internet. I found this post and your helpful answer. It’s great that such a knowledgeable doctor gives (free) advice!

    (This was actually quite an involved question and needs its own blog post, so I have moved the rest of the question to my post titled, Expectations way too high here for the Snap-On Smile

    Comment by Maylynn — March 15, 2018 @ 5:15 am

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