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July 25, 2009

Gum disease and no insurance

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I was told I had gum disease and I have no insurance to go back and get this checked. I’m waiting to get some and I noticed my gum in front on the bottom is so low under my 2 bottom front teeth. They have become slightly loose and I know I’m gonna lose them. Please help! If they both come out will my other teeth move forward to fill that gap in? What do I do to save my teeth without having to lose them or get a partial?
– Nicole from Tennessee

Gum disease is serious and once teeth become loose from gum disease, there usually isn’t anything you can do to save them. And if some teeth are already loose, others probably aren’t far behind.

My advice if you have gum disease is to take matters into your own hands and not depend on dental insurance. Preventing gum disease isn’t that expensive—you just need to be faithful with checkups and cleanings, and then do your basic home care.

You would have been much better off had you kept up with your regular dental care. My advice to you now is to go to the dentist and try to slow down or stop the gum disease. The sooner the better.
– Dr. Hall

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