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Dr. David A. Hall was one of the first 40 accredited cosmetic dentists in the world. He practiced cosmetic dentistry in Iowa, and in 1990 earned his accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is now president of Infinity Dental Web, a company in Mesa, Arizona that does advanced internet marketing for dentists.


  1. I had broken and anterior crown, had a bad fix done, and am now in the process of getting 3 veneers and 1 crown. My concern is that my natural teeth are a bit whiter than I want them to be. I had bleached a bit and was ok with the color, but then I started using a benzonite clay toothpaste, as I wanted to remineralize my teeth. They ended up being much whiter after doing this for a few weeks. I didn’t notice until too late. I freaked out when I realized I was in the BL4 range. I really would prefer B1 or A1. My main concern is I really really want natural looking teeth. My skin is very fair so it’s not too crazy white but still whiter than I wanted. I let my teeth settle for a couple of weeks before ordering the restorations. Only, I was still a BL4 with B1 at the gum line. I have two weeks until they are ready. What can I do in the meantime to slightly darken my teeth? Is it possible to get B1 or A1 back into areas of my teeth? Is it possible for the lab to make a slight darker adjustment before they are cemented in?
    – M.K.

    Response by Dr. Hall –
    I don’t know of any quick way to darken teeth. Coffee, tea, cola beverages, and highly pigmented juices and wines will all darken your teeth over time.

  2. I have a similar problem but I don’t think my bottom teeth are porcelain crowns. They are just turning yellow at the bottom.

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