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November 10, 2016

Looking for a lab that makes gingival masks

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Dr. Hall,
Hi. We have a couple of patients who are in need of a gingival mask; but no labs in our area fabricate them. Can you please give me the name of a lab that we could work with that makes them?

– Diana from a dental office in Mt. Shasta, California

For background for our visitors who may not know about the gingival mask, it’s a prosthesis for replacing gum tissue that is lost from severe gum disease, or after periodontal surgery. It is flexible and pink, and it snaps between the teeth to cover the black triangles left by severely receded gums. It’s usually made out of silicone, but I’ve heard some labs talk about making it out of soft denture liner material such as Molloplast.

A lot of dental labs make these, so I thought you’d have several choices, but then I looked up Mount Shasta and I see that you’re in a relatively remote area of northern California. So I can see where you would have problems maybe finding a lab that would make this.

In other parts of the country, you may want to consider Glidewell Dental Lab in Newport Beach, California, where they are used to shipping cases all over the country. They are fairly familiar with gingival masks. While just about any dental lab that makes dentures would be able to make one of these, if you have to explain to the technician what a gingival mask is, that wouldn’t inspire you with confidence. That won’t happen with Glidewell.

– Dr. Hall

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