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October 30, 2015

The Tyranny of Oral Surgeons

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I wanted to give kudos to Jim Du Molin. He is the founder of Internet Dental Alliance, which is a direct competitor to my company, Infinity Dental Web. But I’m on the same side as he is in this dental political issue of oral sedation, which I believe is slated to be voted on at the annual meeting of the American Dental Association, November 5-10, in Washington, DC.

He sent me an email early this morning about this issue. I had heard about this issue through other sources, but he put it rather directly and I liked his style of not pulling any punches. He titled it “The Tyranny of Oral Surgeons.” I’d like to quote it here:

The rivalry between oral surgeons and general dentists has never been fiercer.

And it looks as if the oral surgeons have seized the upper hand.

Right now, a tiny group of oral surgeons in positions of influence at the ADA who are pushing forward a proposal – Resolution #77 – that will make it much harder and much more expensive for general dentists to continue serving their fearful and anxious patients using moderate enteral sedation.

In fact, if their proposal, Resolution #77, is approved at next month’s ADA annual meeting, it could well spell the beginning of the end of oral sedation.

The BIG problem is this: Most of the ADA House of Delegates members who will be asked to vote on Resolution #77 have no clue what’s behind the proposal or what a dramatic impact it will have on dentistry and patients. The oral surgeons are counting on their ignorance – and their blind trust that if the ADA is proposing changes, they must be for the better.

We know that millions of patients have been treated safely and effectively – without incident – by general dentists who adhere to the existing guidelines and their states’ associated regulations.

Yet, under the ruse of concern for public safety – and it is nothing more than a ruse! – oral surgeons are poised to rewrite the ADA’s oral sedation guidelines to conform to their selfish interests.

I am joining with concerned leaders in the general dentistry community in urging you to contact your ADA House of Delegates representatives immediately (there is no time to waste) to let them know you strongly oppose Resolution #77.

Calling or writing them will only take a few minutes of your time, but it could make the difference for sedation dentistry and the millions of our patients who rely on it.

Thank You,

Jim Du Molin

On I reference this issue as it played out in Iowa. (See my page on Iowa Sedation Regulations.) In Iowa, the oral surgeons were able to use their influence with the Iowa Board of Dental Examiners to put in place highly restrictive rules on the use of oral sedation, effectively outlawing it in the state. Many patients were hurt by this policy. Until they did this, I was able to treat hundreds of patients using oral sedation without a single adverse incident. But being able to use oral sedation meant that I could compete with oral surgeons in offering wisdom tooth extractions and other services that they wanted to perform. I had a lower rate of complications, including zero dry sockets, over a period of many years, than our local oral surgeons.

The links below, provided by Jim Du Molin, courtesy of, include contact details for any member dentists who wish to contact their ADA House of Delegates representatives, plus additional details on Resolution #77.

Three Simple Steps to Help

Calls to (ADA) Action: Briefing

State-by-State Directory of ADA House of Delegates

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